SAVU Glasses are scientifically proven to enhance your whisky tasting
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SAVU eliminates alcohol fumes, allowing a more pleasurable and easy access to the whisky aromas.

This glass has been tested in laboratories and universities to provide a distinct, scientific advantage.

Taste your favourite whiskies the way the distillers intended.

Tasting glass with Revolutionary design

Chemist Dr Jari Tuominen invented SAVU aroma glass for the ultimate whisky experience. With SAVU glass the tastes and scents complement each other in perfect harmony. The design was perfected in collaboration with laboratories in University of Turku and University of Helsinki.


The upper part of SAVU tasting glass has small ledges; perfectly positioned and shaped volumetric planes. This is where the magic happens.


The novel hourglass shape with its waist curbs the alcohol evaporation and escape into your nose from the lower part of the glass.

More about the design

Studies show that 98% of women and 80% of men find the smell of alcohol unpleasant. This has been considered an impossible problem. Read how SAVU solves it and provides more pleasant whisky moments:

Using SAVU is simple

When you hold SAVU glass it is time for discovery and joy. In other words, welcome and enjoy the ride. Read more to find out how easy it is to enter the garden of whisky aromas:


‘The SAVU Whisky Glass is such a clever design. Your first taste from a SAVU will be a revelation – a clean nose, no ethanol burn and all flavour. SAVU Whisky glasses bring out all of the aromas and flavours that I put in our whisky… Sensational!

Dr Martin Wood – Head Distiller, Kitty Hawk Distillery

Not convinced the savu glass is for you?

Here are seven more reasons to purchase this glass:

  1. More pleasure out of every single whisky moment.
  2. SAVU is the only truly functional tasting glass making the sensing of aromas easy for everyone.
  3. Purest borosilicate glass makes SAVU extremely durable and machine washable.
  4. We all have a sense of smell – let’s use it!
  5. Whisky is all about the scent and aromas. It is a great pleasure to appreciate the work of master distillers properly.
  6. Unique, desirable and beautiful – a genuine conversation starter.
  7. Come to think of it – why settle for less?

SAVU in Media


‘The glass did not promise too much: in fact, the aroma appears finer in the SAVU glass and reveals more details.’

‘When comparing with a traditional whisky glass using three different whiskies SAVU was the clear winner in every case.’


Whisky News – 100th Jubileum Number



‘Finer aromas with more nuances’

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Whisky Magazine:

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