SAVU glass FAQ

About SAVU

What is the alcohol blocking effect?

Alcohol is an essential part of whisky but it is also a strong and volatile solvent. As such it readily ’kills’ the nose  of a whisky taster and does not allow him or her to experience the actual aromas in the beverage. In aroma research we call this well-known and age old problem the alcohol blocking effect.

Does it really matter what kind of glass I use?

The glass has a huge influence in the whole drinking experience. The most important function of a whisky glass is to allow the best possible access to the rich and unique set of fragrances of each whisky. Beyond that the glass is part of the whole tasting experience from handling, holding, lip feel, sniffing and drinking.

Why a new whisky glass?

The dream of any serious whisky glass manufacturers and designers has for ages been to eliminate the so-called alcohol blocking effect i.e. dominance of Alcohol in tasting. We have found the solution.

What makes SAVU better than the other whisky glasses?

Savu is the first and only functional whisky glass that is actually capable of enhancing the olfactory experience. The functionality of SAVU glass has been proven in laboratory experiments. The unique and patented design functions so that you will not smell the alcohol but the actual aromas of whisky. For many this is ‘like a very first time’ kind of experience.

Does the glass work without ice?

With or without ice the SAVU glass is in it’s own class because it eliminates the alcohol blocking efffect.

How do we know that the glass works?

Our noses do not lie. The glass has been investigated in the University of Helsinki and Univesity of Turku. The results are conclusive, SAVU is superior to other glasses. SAVU design has been patented.

Does SAVU work with all whiskys?


How can I contact customer service?

The best way to reach our customer service is per contact form.


If I don’t like an item, can I return it? When will I get my money back?

You can return unused items within 14 days and without giving a reason – this also applies to reduced merchandise. Please note that you have to cover the costs of returning the items back to us.

Once we have received the items in our logistics centre, a refund is initiated immediately. You will first receive a confirmation Email to notify you of the number of items returned and the amount to be refunded.

The money will then be refunded by the same payment method used to make the initial purchase. It may take up to 8 to 10 working days from receipt of our Email for the refund to show up in your account.